Texas Tech Students

We are in the process of updating OGPE.  The 2015 version of the book is out of print in hardcover.  We are making an electronic copy of the 2015 version available during this transition.  The Texas Tech University Student Book purchase price is $120 (regularly $150) plus sales tax, if applicable.

The 2021 hardcover edition should be available for your fall classes.  At that time, we will contact you and provide a hardcover book to you at no additional cost.  In the meantime, we will be evaluating publishing the 2021 version electronically as well. If we do publish it electronically, you will be able to choose which version you wish to receive.  It is your responsibility to ensure that we have a working email for you.

After you have purchased the book, we will email instructions to download a special reader and instructions to download the ebook along with a unique authorization code to allow you to read the book.  THE EBOOK WILL BE TIED TO THE DEVICE WHERE YOU CHOOSE TO INSTALL IT.  Because the ebook is in pdf format, it will be much easier to read on a PC or Mac or other device with a large screen.  We recommend that you do not authorize it on a phone.

For questions, please email ogpe@thompson-wright.com